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This work is derived from documentation of five past installations within this space. Through research and estimation, I attempted to register the specific placement and size of displayed artworks. Various colors reveal a distinction between objects hung more recently (white then light gray) and objects shown farther in the past (dark gray and black).  These silhouetted images act as placeholders for the content that once existed in this space.

This exercise flattens time to allow for all the objects that once existed in this space to “exist” again, in one time, through recognition of being where we last saw them. Unfortunately, this site-specific work is a painting on a structure and may not transcend to objectness itself- it too will become an ephemeral experience just as the works in this space once were. In short, the five exhibitions of artworks that are conjured have no specific relationship to each other except proximity- they were present in the same space at different times. Tabula rasa speaks to the “life” of an experience, the flawed premise of exactness and the desire for stability.